About Me

Welcome to Soft Aware the primary purpose of which is to help you make intelligent and informed purchasing decisions regarding your software requirements. Reviews are in the whole, personally written based on experience and inclusive of possible caveats noticed during the use thereof.

Web presence

Good day, my name is Peter and I have been working from home for quite some time and felt an urge to start writing about subjects that either interested me or I feel passionate about. I’ve been involved with computers for around twenty five years or so and since 2011 repair PC’s for a living in Cape Town, South Africa.
I was born and bred in West London England and finally settled in Cape Town with my gorgeous South African wife. We married in 2010 and were blessed with the birth of our wonderful son in 2014.

Having a family has definitely developed me as a person and I certainly feel more relaxed and inspired to work on what I really like to do instead of continuing to waste my years working at a job that I’m not really interested in doing and feeling worn out at the end of each day. This platform allows me to interact with like-minded folks which make working at it a pleasure.

Informing ourselves empowers us

There are literally millions of different types of software available to the public, from freeware to paid and while I respect each and every developer out there for supplying us with software, we have to remember something very fundamental; software is not perfect as much as developers would like it to be. Software I have tried, tested and continue to use at home will be reviewed, discussed and deliberated along with new and exciting software from manufacturers of note new and old.

The mission is simple, educate, educate and educate some more. People feel more comfortable making informed decisions and I will be posting articles to help all to make those informed decisions.