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Having worked with PC’s for over twenty years , I’ve lost count of the different tools that have aided me in fixing client’s computers. Some tools we use are purely for technicians and not widely publicized but when we get back to basics I tend to employ a tool that I know my clients can also use easily and be able to use it effectively once the proper guidance is in place.


Looking for the best PC utility software has been likened to that of the search for the holy grail (impossible to find), but I’m over exaggerating this just a bit. There has been and continue to be a plethora of utility software flooding the market claiming that this or that particular tool will fix all your PC woes.


Many scoff at the mere idea of such programs and refer to them as “Snake Oil”. While there is some truth to the “Snake Oil” effect the overall objective of software optimization is just that, to clean up, re-order and unclog with the end result being a faster more stable computer. Unfortunately, there are numerous bad system utilities on the market and quite often they are laced with malware and even if they are not, cause more damage than good.


Then you get the really powerful ones that go over board and are dangerous in the hands of inexperienced users and once again can break your computer very quickly. I guess the question is, if there is some benefit in using this type of software, how do I know which one I should choose?


To start off, I’ll give you a few hints about what to avoid and I promise I will get to the review but I feel a little background to this type of program is important to mention especially for the uninitiated and strangely enough even for those who already use this type of software.

What to Avoid

We’ve all been there, browsing the web and suddenly a pop up warns us that our computer is infected which is quite alarming if it’s the first time you see a message of this type right?


  • It is likely the pop up will instruct you to download a program it is advertising to fix the problems your PC is experiencing whether you know of any problem or not. If you do choose to download this so-called miracle cure for your PC it may lead you to a program that is very poorly written or actually a program that is disguised as a software utility program when in fact it is nothing of the sort and serves only to infect your PC and then hold you for ransom. Yes, this is one version of ransomware which will be discussed in a future article.


  • ransomwareThe other type of infected message that pops up, generously offers to scan your computer for you and the results displayed show an interesting concoction of often worrying problems but you won’t be able to fix them until you pay for the full version of the software. Again, please do not fall victim to this scam as any author marketing their software in this manner is clearly underhanded and the software is likely to do more harm than good.

What to Choose

You are here today because you are interested in learning if the software I am reviewing is worth using on your PC. Like I said at the beginning of this piece, I tend to employ a tool that I know my clients can use easily and effectively, this is why I highly recommend Glary Utilities Pro. There are a few good ones out there but, in my opinion, this one has the functionality, reliability and stability which is missing from many of the other contenders who overload their utility programs with a lot of pointless bloat.


Hang on a minute, I hear a few cry out “but why pay for the Pro version when you can download a free version that is just as good? Well to save me writing down the differences have a quick gander at the following information.

Version Comparison for the Best PC Utility Software

Glary Utilities Pro

So, after all that huffing and puffing let’s get down to business. Glary Utilities Pro comes with a very tidy set of on-board utilities that will help you keep your PC in tip top condition. When you first open the program, you are presented with an overview screen which is very self-explanatory.

Overview tab for the Best PC Utility Software1 click maintenance for the Best PC Utility Software







1-Click Maintenance

The one area that most folks will gravitate towards is the middle tab, 1- click maintenance which is ideal to run on either a daily or weekly basis as this will examine the areas caused by common issues that contribute to slowing down and triggering errors that appear on your PC.


This is really a quick fix solution and works extremely well most of the time. I say most of the time because there are some occasions when an error has been caused by a virus which isn’t necessarily obvious at first and in this case your Anti-Virus program should have picked up the error anyway, all assuming the definitions are up-to date.You may notice on the screenshot above that the Disk Repair option is not checked by default. When it is checked, it takes a little longer to run and after the PC reboots it will automatically do a disk check. If you do select this option, then let the disk check run after you next reboot the PC.

Advanced Tools

Advanced Tools Tab for the Best PC Utility Software

The advanced tools page contains five sections with a list of tools in each totalling thirty all together. So, all in all a pretty impressive and functional selection of tools. The advanced section allows you to take some of the tools used in the 1-click section and run them independently if you should want to do so.

Available Tools

30 neatly packed tools for the Best PC Utility Software


One of the first things I do after installing software of any kind is to look for obvious and not so obvious faults, I stress test it to the max because I want to see if it can take the abuse I’m applying. Very few programs pass these stress tests and I have yet to find any software that’s perfect neither do I expect to, but close to my perception of excellence, oh yes indeed.


It is very difficult to find any relevant fault with Glary Utilities Pro as it does exactly what it sets out to do and does so in a stable manner. It is extremely frustrating navigating software that has been carelessly constructed. An intuitive interface is the number one criteria to apply while researching and then using software and I’m pleased to report this one ticks all the boxes.


It is important to remember that all computers need a regular schedule for cleaning just as you would your house your car etc. Maintenance is essential to ensure years of smooth computing and when used properly, Glary’s offering in its present form, will continue to serve you well for many a year to come.


Final Thoughts

Most software vendors strive to improve their software but a common mistake is often made. Simply put, they try too hard when adding new features, or redesign the visual elements excessively which regularly destroys their client base because although change is inevitable and good companies listen to public feedback, bulking out software with unwanted features only serves to make us look elsewhere.