Emsisoft Anti-Malware Review

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

With so many Internet security suites available these days it can be very confusing to decide if your PC needs one at all. Questions I often get asked is, “Do I need an Anti-virus program and an Internet security suite /Anti-Malware program? What is Ransomware? And so on and so forth, this why I chose to write the Emsisoft Anti-Malware Review.

I usually explain it thus, Viruses are most definitely still about and can cause serious damage to the data on your computer, but they are not so prevalent as they used to be but have evolved into various other terminologies we hear about these days.

What type of threats do computers face today?

There really are far too many to mention but I’ll list a few of the more common ones.

  • Adware
  • Bootkits
  • Customised Trojans (injector viruses)
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • PUPS (Potentially Unwanted Programs
  • Rootkits
  • Scumware

What is the best anti-malware program?

If you type this into Google, you know you are going to get numerous results mainly covering the big boys because they rank well in Google and other search engines. The trouble with this is you are not necessarily being directed towards the best anti-malware program that you need on a home PC or indeed a business one. Sure, you can read up and research which I encourage you to do so that you can make an informed decision.

I do this all the time, read reviews about all kinds of software and have learned over the years that the company website is the place to go for the detail but it doesn’t give you a real-life view of how well it works on your PC does it?

User reviews are often the best source of real world feedback but remember, we are all different and our requirements vary somewhat.

Hang on a moment, what is malware?

Fundamentally malware is malicious software designed to damage/corrupt files and the software workings of your computer, to disrupt and destroy data is how I’ve also seen it described.

Emsisoft anti malware review

If you’ve read my post Firewall gone but not forgotten you’ll understand why I am writing about this particular software as this is what I currently use on this very PC I’m using to write this review.

I’m not going to go into tons of detail about everything the software can do as you can check this out on Emsisoft’s site but I am here to give you an overview of why I like, use and highly recommend this product.

First things first what is the purpose of this multi award winning program Emsisoft Anti-Malware?

The Firewall

This is your first line of defence against the evil elements on the web. It has a very reliable, strong and easy to configure Firewall if you are in to tweaking firewall settings which I am but is not necessary as it self-configures on the whole,

The Anti malware definitions updates every hour when you are online maximising safe usage of the internet.

It’s interesting to note that the product is not sold on the firewall protection aspect rather that of it’s anti-malware protection, hence the name.

Dual Scanner Technology

Emsisoft has packaged in very effective dual scanner technology and a real time protection layer for files and while I’ve been using this for the past couple of years it has caught quite a few nasties attempting to invade my computer but mainly in relation to items I’ve either attempted to download or managed to download.

I like the surf protection technology included in this software as this really works well, throwing up warnings when a dodgy site has been detected and warns you of access to it.

In most cases you can still bypass this warning but it is advisable not to do so.

Hourly Definition Updates

The software updates the definitions unobtrusively every hour. This seems to be the norm these days for software of this type. In doing so, I find it adds another layer of product confidence. In turn, it allows me to concentrate on actually doing some work on my PC with little or no distraction from Emsisoft’s neatly packaged Anti malware.


Download a free 30 day trial

Download a free 30 day trial

It has a very neat intuitive layout being clearly marked as it should be enabling easy access to all areas of the program.

I’ve always maintained that with this type of software you don’t really need to interact with it often unless you are constantly tweaking settings and have an avid interest in such things.

The point is, explore it by all means, it is easy to understand even for complete novices who like most folks just want to get on and do something useful with their computer.

Consider security software as a leave and forget element of the computing experience and you’ll find this is what Emsisoft have achieved admirably.

Overall Impression

It is effective, unobtrusive and extremely efficient in its class and while there are many other offerings available, I consider this particular offering a very capable addition to the ever-expanding array of Internet security suites on the market today.

You can get a 30-day trial by clicking on the image above which I highly recommend , However, I can pretty much guarantee that you will want to purchase a licence despite all the so called free offerings available today. It really is false economy to look in that direction, but that is for a future article.

Download more info


  • Most new PC’s come pre-installed with an Anti-Virus of some type which is likely to be trial software and most folks never bother to pay for it. Remember any Anti-Virus is only ever as effective as its last definition update which normally occur at least daily when you are connected to the Internet.


  • When you do download a replacement Anti-Virus/Malware or Internet Security suite do so before uninstalling your current one only if  you are able to download the offline installer for the product.


  • It is common practice among many vendors these days to supply a small web installer file, typically 1 mega byte or so which you download while continued connection to the internet after running the file.


  • The program then installs directly from the vendors web site. Emsisoft is no stranger to this method and it works well these days. If you are old school like me then you can often find an offline installer by doing a quick search on the Internet.


  • Having an offline installer is very useful because it allows you the control as to when you install the software, though not critical some folks prefer to do things using this method.


  • Before installing this type of software check your current vendors Anti-Virus suites web site for a specific uninstaller and download it.


  • In most cases you should never install more than one type of this product as it can cause all kinds of errant problems.


  • Back up your PC using imaging software as Windows system restore it is not very reliable.


  •  Ensure Windows Firewall is active.


  •  After downloading and using your specific vendors uninstaller you will most likely need to restart your PC.


  •  Install your newly downloaded Internet Security Suite then follow the installation instructions closely.


  • Once installed ensure you remain connected then either let the program automatically update or manually download the updates.