Base Camp

Base camp softawareview.comA very warm welcome to Soft aware, where I endeavour to cater for all computer users by way of reporting on software that I use and have used over the many years I’ve been dabbling with this technology.

Over time, the reviews will stack up as I share my experiences and recommendations. While not all the software will suit everyone as some can be very niche orientated, I am trying to cater for those who feel at a loss or just need a little nudge of encouragement to steer them in the right direction.

Manageable Software

There is nothing so frustrating as trying out a new piece of software only to find that the learning curve is so steep that you quickly become tired using it. Sometimes it is important to stick with it and much effort is required. My intention on the whole is to steer clear of such software and report on what I consider being easy to use and/or programs that will get the job done efficiently.

Authentic Reviewing

I sincerely believe in being upfront and honest in my reviews and I do hope you take advantage of the benefits  this information offers. I shall also add some mini reviews, recommendations pertaining to incredibly useful Freeware products that on the whole I use on a regular basis.

Bonus Resources

It is far too easy to bog down your PC with hundreds of memory intensive programs which really slows your computer. There are enough program processes that start up with windows as it is and while widely documented, I shall be producing a few cheat sheets that help trim the fat helping you to get a faster more responsive PC.  These will be available as a download in due course.

Additionally, I will be sharing some of my favourite and most useful Registry hacks that create functional additions to the right click menu in Windows.

In time, I hope you enjoy this site as I build up the content and you are very welcome to comment accordingly.